Double Hammock- DH

Back carry using a base size wrap (5-7).

2 rebozo passes over baby, chestpass and 2 ruck straps; ties in front.

(DH also has many variations)

Double hammock Tekhni Soteria Alo 6


  • Great for leaners
  • Very supportive; good for big kids
  • Safe against leg straightening (but might not be comfortable)
  • Can be very comfortable for long wearing
  • Good for almost any size child (I have never back wrapped a newborn)
  • Good for naps
  • Many variations to personalize it
  • Shows off the wrap nicely 🙂


  • Chest passes are hard
  • Ruck straps can be uncomfortable for some
  • Uncomfortable for leg straighteners
  • Not very quick
  • Requires the ability to make a seat
I used to think folding the top of the chest pass was cool. But it actually makes it more comfortable.


Currently DH is one of my go-to carries.  Its one of the reasons I wanted to do this challenge; to get out of my DH rut.  I pretty much only back carry and its usually either DH or Ruck, depending whether I have a size 6 or 4.

I used to think DH was the ultimate carry that all the cool wrappers did.  I always saw the pictures of the awesome chestpasses and whatnot and was so impressed!  If I wanted to “make it”  as a wrapper, I needed to learn DH.  People even suggested it occasionally for a good first carry.  Let me tell ya, it was not a good first carry for me!  Chest passes are hard!  And mine are still usually far from perfect.  Let alone when I was using a DIY and I didn’t know what I was doing.  So yeah. If you can’t get DH, don’t be sad; you’re not alone 🙂

Well after about 6 months (maybe more?)  of wrapping I tried DH again and it was not as hard as I had remembered!  Also, Noah went through a really bad leg straightening period and that plus DH, do not mix, especially for a new wrapper or back wrapper.  But Noah doesn’t straighten too badly anymore, and will usually at least let me get a seat, so I think that makes a big difference.  Also I had actually learned HOW to make a seat which made a difference.   I also used to think people who liked ruck straps were truly insane. I just did not get it!  But I think a combination of having a nice wrap (shout out Tekhni!) plus learning how to actually tighten strand by strand made them not only bearable for me, but actually preferable.  I can actually say I like ruck straps now.  I’d rather have ruck straps than tie tibetan or have a CCCB (candy cane chest belt).

I don’t really have any special tips for DH except a lot of practice.   I did start making sure my bottom rail is nice and tight first and that sort of holds the legs in place a little better.  If Noah’s  being extra cranky and is in a hardcore leg straightening mood, DH does not work that great. I’ll have to constantly push his feet up so they are back in that “M” position.  Because the carry has 2 bunched cross passes, it is still safe despite straightening but not comfortable.


Wrapping Rachel

Try out the more advanced Freshwater, Saltwater, or Freshwater Rapids which are not carries on my challenge list.


One comment

  1. […] First off all of my pictures here really show that I’m a far from perfect wrapper.  Uneven tails? Check.  Mismatched rings? Check.  Middle marker? Oh see it hiding by my armpit?  Check.  This was my first attempt very early this morning while making breakfast.  It did not last long because, well, seat popping.  While it lasted it was super comfy.  I like ring finishes, but a double ring finish just took a little too much time for me to be happy with. I would have rather been able to tie some sort of knot ad be done.  The upside of rings though, is that if you put them through nicely, ie not twisted or bunchy, then you can easily tighten up the slack in the carry as needed.  On either side, unlike a slip knot.  I also think as far as chest passes go, this bunched chest pass is easier than a regular spread chest pass like a normal double hammock. […]


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